Externally and internally, it looks 100% like a true half-timbered house. Structurally: 25 % of the exterior walls are framed half-timbered, 75% of the exterior walls are insulated CLT plate (category A, B) with applied wooden elements imitating frame half-timbered. On request, it is possible to perform plaster or wooden facades and interiors, or a combination of them. Wooden facades and interiors, by choice, may differ in the direction and shape of the profiles. Internal load-bearing walls and partitions – CLT plate (category A).


– Installation drawings;
– Operating instructions.


(this design can make up up to 25 % of the area of the external walls).
Load-bearing frame:
– Prefabricated corner posts for half-timbering: 260 x 260 mm (basic equipment);
– Prefabricated walk-through racks 180 x 260 mm (basic equipment);
– Horizontal strapping beams of calculated cross-sections.

Filling the load-bearing frame:
Stained glass single-chamber double-glazed windows of 32 mm (two energy-saving And-coated glass,
each 6 mm, one hot-tempered) or frame windows with double-chamber double-glazed windows (see point.8
“Wooden windows”).
Other equipment is possible: second tempered glass, triplex, tinting, installation of sprats (options).

4. EXTERIOR WALLS made of CLT slabs of the 1st and 2nd floors (at least 75 % of the area of the exterior walls).
A half-timbered frame is not required, since the CLT plate itself is a load-bearing, enclosing and
finishing design.

– Glued wooden plate CLT-THERMO five-layer 206 mm (spruce, pine, Beltermo insulation),
– The visible inner and outer surfaces have a decorative profile of the interface of the slats.
– Vertical channels for wiring electrical networks are selected in the inner lamella;
– Overlays/imitation of beams and half-timbered posts;

– Glued wooden CLT three-layer plate 3 S 100 mm (spruce, pine), both visible surfaces
have a decorative profile of the coupling of the slats (can remain without stitching)/ with a selection
vertical channels for wiring electrical networks;
– Overlays / imitation of beams and half-timbered posts.

– Main glued beams (according to the project);
– Secondary glued beams;
– Glued wooden CLT three-layer plate 3 S 60-100 mm, the visible surface has a decorative profile
of the interface of the slats, “for painting”, can be a finishing ceiling of the 1st floor.
– Noise insulation “Roskwool” 100 mm +wooden crate 100 x 45 mm OR
expanded polystyrene 2 x 50 mm of different densities + reinforced semi-dry concrete screed 50-60 mm;
– Finishing floor-tongue-and-groove board 33 mm (spruce, pine) OR 15 mm plywood;
Option: engineering or solid board made of precious wood.


A) For pitched roofs:
– Planed counter-crate with thinning according to tech.installation of roofing tiles (board for
installation of roof tiles (except shingles) and side ventilation of the roof;
– Crate (board for the organization of the ventilation gap of the roof);
– Rafter legs;
– Glued ridge, sub-truss beams, based on the features of the project;
– Overhang board 20 x 115 mm;
– Frontal board (gable) – 3 rows: 20 x 140 mm;
– Cornice board – 20 x 115 mm;
– Wind Protection (membrane);
– Insulation “Roskwool” thickness.200 mm (optional 300 mm) raft. 35 kg / m3;
– Vapor barrier (membrane);
– Ceiling board 16 x 115 mm;
– Option: Glued wooden plate CLT 60-129 mm, selection of the front slat, decorative
finishing profile of the visible surface of the plate-can be a finishing ceiling of the 2nd floor

8. WOODEN WINDOWS made of glued beams, according to German technology:
– Rectangular Windows with double sealing, aluminum cast, sash thickness-82 mm,
painting in one color according to the color scheme (paint system “RENNER”), double-glazed window 36 mm –
double-chamber glass M1 thickness.4 mm, window opening – swing-out (1 sash on the
doorway), accessories ” ROTO NT»;
– Oblique, round, stained glass windows with an area of more than 3 sq. m., arched and windows of less than 1 m2 –
pay extra for difficulty;
– Sprats, rassteklovochnye humps, mosquito nets, painting in two colors, shutters, shutters,
armored and colored glass-paid extra.


9. D V E R I :
– ENTRANCE DOOR (1 pc.) and BALCONY DOORS-insulated, painted according to the system
“RENNER”, double-glazed window optional, rotary opening. Portal opening is an option.

– INTERIOR DOORS: paneled doors made of solid pine tinted
– Standard doorway height-2.05 m; door leaf width-60-90 cm.
– Painting with varnish;
– Painting with a covering paint (white and in the color Ral);
– Doors with glass type 02 (glass 2/3): grate or bead;
– Doors with glass type 03 (glass 3/4): grate or bead;
– Doors with glass type 04 (full height glass): grid or bead;
– A box with card loops;
– Painting with varnish or oil;
– Accessories made in Spain;
– Overall size: height 2100 mm, width up to 900 mm;

– Extra charge for non-standard door size:
– Width – 10,000 rubles/1 piece;
– At a height of 20,000 rubles/1 pc.
– Non-standard arrangement of panels

– Color selection according to the Customer’s sample – 10,000 rubles. for one selected Set.

10. MOULDINGS: Skirting boards, galtels, platbands, window sills, layouts, casings, decoration of beams, rafters and other necessary wooden elements, except for decorative elements and non-structural beams, wood carving, figured and hand cutting.

11. LADDER made of solid pine on a bowstring with a 90 ° or 180 ° turn, with a platform or
run-up steps (according to the architecture), the height of the ascent is not more than 3 m, the width of the steps
750-1000mm, without risers, with fencing on the inside, opening fencing
stairs, finishing-transparent varnish, work on the installation of stairs. Sections of parts: 1) bowstrings
thickness. 45mm, width-according to calculation), 2) steps (thickness 45mm, width no more than 300mm), 3) platform
(thickness 45 mm, width not more than 900 mm), 4) handrails (thickness 45 mm, height 80 mm), 5) support
stair posts, fence posts (78x78mm), 6) rectangular balusters 35x30mm),
7) opening fence (length no more than 1000mm +1.5 posts).
Paid in addition:
Replacement of the bowstring with a scythe, risers, finishing the end of the step with a birch insert, a ladder made of
precious wood, tinting, invitation (radius) steps, handrails (fences)
on the outside of the stairs, replacement of balusters, fencing of the second light and its installation.

12. ANTISEPTIC WALL MATERIAL: Base layer of antiseptic.

13. ACCESSORIES: All metal fasteners (nails, clips, bolts, suspensions,
screeds, plates, screws), except for metal beams.
Visible fasteners – stainless steel.

– The height of the 1st floor from the finished floor to the bottom of the CLT floor slab is 2.8 m.
– The height of the 2nd floor at its highest point from the finished floor to the finished ceiling for flat and hip roofs is-2.6 m;
– For pitched roofs, the height of the side wall is 1.4 m; the height from the finished floor to the finished ceiling is 2.8 m.
– For increasing the height of the floor, an additional payment is made at the rate of 5% of the cost of this floor for every 10 cm.
– For a single-storey building, an increasing coefficient is introduced-1.25 – 1.4, depending on the height of the floor and its design features.

1. Attic, stained glass, sloped windows and their installation; 2 Non-structural interior beams and bent-glued structures; 3. Street terraces, street stairs; 4.Curved partitions, boxes, two-level ceilings, etc.; 5. Foundation floors and basement floors with flooring; 6. Painting and plastering works; 7. Roof (work and materials); 8. Delivery, lifting mechanisms; scaffolding (if necessary); 9. Design of sections of the working project, except for CD; 10.Foundation construction; 11. Engineering networks; 12.Landscape works; 13. Organization of travel directly to the construction site; 14. Expenses related to the travel and accommodation of the construction team (4-6 people), if it is impossible to install a construction trailer with accommodation on the site.


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